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Sleepy twins – Michigan photographer

I went to a fellow photographer and friend’s house last weekend to photograph these super cute twins.  They slept when we needed them to and we got to try a bunch of new things.  I was so excited to use the basket of sticks.  I also got the chance to do the baseball shot.  I’ve been wanting to do the baseball shot for quite some time.  I put my Dad on the hunt for a nice worn mitt and he found the perfect one.   Here are a few of my faves…





The B boys are 6 months – Detroit Michigan photographer

I had the honor of photographing these twins when they were newborn and now they are already 6 months old!! These little bundles look totally opposite of one another and I think it just makes them even more special. We got plenty of photos of them individually, but how can you resist two little cuties. Here’s a sneak peek from Mom, Dad and Grandma…



I can’t wait to see them again when the weather is warmer and we can photograph them outside exploring! Until next time

Twins!! – Detroit newborn photographer

I had the great privilege of photographing these two sweet boys.  I had been wanting to do this shot for a LONG time.  It’s almost a necessity that the babies be sleeping.  When we started our session only one baby would sleep at a time.  We tried to get the shot anyway, with no luck.  We would get them into position and one would wake the other.  I showed Mom what we were trying to achieve and after she saw it she really WANTED the shot.  We went on to some other poses and the boys were fed.  After being fed they were both nice and sleepy so just before our session ended we tried once more and VOILA!!!